Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Environmental and Social Principals are at the heart of everything we do at Tanglewood Care Homes Group. Our strategy is led by our Chief Executive Officer and is supported by our Senior Managers across all disciplines. They work to ensure that the right practices are in place, and sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking to enable us to reduce our carbon emissions and our overall carbon footprint.



Tanglewood Care Homes understand that how we source our supplies and dispose of our waste can have a huge impact on communities and the environment. Therefore, we have a responsibility to source, use and dispose of supplies sustainably.

We have implemented high sustainability requirements through our tendering processes with suppliers to ensure that the supplies we procure are produced and delivered with a lower level of environmental impact. We continue to actively work with our suppliers to identify more sustainable, alternative materials, and opportunities to reduce usage.

Our care homes have been built with innovation as top priority. The construction group provides EPC A rated, affordable, carbon zero and high quality care homes led by a diverse and progressive management team. From all sites going forward, gas has been removed, and industry leading technology such as geothermal heat pumps and solar PV mean that our path to net zero carbon emissions is ahead of 2030 targets, assuring local communities that our care homes are planet-friendly.



The care and comfortability of our residents dominates every decision made at every facet of the process in the development of our care homes. The propriety, design and upkeep of our homes is constantly under review in order to align with residents’ wants and needs.

The homes are built meaning that they are not only an excellent place to live, but also to work, leading the way in safety and amenity.

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