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We understand that committing to a full-time residential setting might be a step too far for some, or perhaps you’re not quite ready for overnight stays just yet. Similarly, we acknowledge that even the most devoted carers need a break, and that social interactions can be a vital part of well-being for both you and your loved one. To meet these needs, we’re pleased to offer our day care services.

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Why Day Care is a Good Option

At Tanglewood, we understand that transitioning to full-time residential care may feel daunting. Day care services offer essential breaks for caregivers and structured routines for loved ones, providing professional care and peace of mind. Ideal for those not ready for full-time care, day care helps ease the transition while offering nutritional support and engagement in a safe environment.

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Day Care Services Tailored to You

Our day care services at Humberston House provide a safe and welcoming environment with engaging activities, freshly cooked meals, and access to snacks and beverages throughout the day. We aim to create a fulfilling experience that promotes well-being and social connections. If leaving your loved one for the day feels overwhelming, we can start with one-hour visits and gradually increase the duration, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition.

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Qualified Day Carers at Humberston House

The day care team at Humberston House offers exceptional care and support. Our team is trained to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your loved one can thrive. We understand the importance of tailored care and work closely with families to meet individual needs. Our open-door policy ensures we are always available for supportive conversations and guidance, helping you find the best solutions for your loved one’s care.

If the idea of leaving your loved one for the day seems overwhelming, we’re here to ease into the transition. We can start with one-hour visits that include your presence, extending the time as confidence builds. We’re always here to chat, offering both information and emotional support. Consider it an open invitation for a heart-to-heart discussion. Get in touch today to find out more.

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"I am so pleased that we chose this place, I felt surrounded by love here, they are all so friendly, everyone talks to you and I have never felt lonely once."


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