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Dementia Care

At Humberston House, we offer a sanctuary specially designed for those living with dementia, in both residential and nursing capacities. We understand that dementia manifests in diverse ways, and our aim is to guide you or your loved one through this next chapter with grace and understanding.

We’ve crafted spaces that encourage social interaction and freedom of movement, as we recognize their importance for well-being. Helpful signage assists residents in navigation, aiding a sense of independence. Tailor-made activities resonate with individual abilities, empowering residents to engage meaningfully in their daily lives.

Decision-making can be a complex process, especially at mealtimes. That’s why we present visual meal options, allowing residents to choose in the moment. Should assistance be needed, our staff is trained to offer the physical support required for a dignified dining experience. Specialised dining equipment further enables self-sufficiency.

Our beautiful garden serves as a tranquil oasis, safe and enclosed, where residents can savour the simple joy of the outdoors. Some residences feature memory boxes outside bedrooms to help with orientation, enhancing a secure environment.

Upon choosing to reside in a Senior Living home, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to better understand your unique care needs. Discussions around decision-making responsibilities for your loved one also take place, particularly if they lack the capacity to make decisions themselves.

Our staff undergo specialized training in dementia care, ensuring they’re equipped with the insights needed to offer nuanced support. Close collaboration with community health experts helps us adapt to any changes in a resident’s condition, reinforcing our commitment to providing unwavering, high-quality care.

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"Every time I visit my husband (every day) he has said what a lovely place this is and how much he is enjoying his stay. He says the food is always tasty and the care is done with compassion and understanding - everything is always good."

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