Palliative Care

Humberston Care Home

We recognise that the palliative care journey is a deeply emotional and challenging period for everyone involved. At Humberston House, we strive to lessen this burden by enveloping you and your loved ones in a nurturing, heartfelt environment. Our empathetic and skilled team stands ready to extend unwavering support for both emotional and practical needs.

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What Our Palliative Care Service Can Provide

Our compassionate team, supported by external registered and district nurses, prioritises each resident’s comfort and well-being. We collaborate closely with local doctors and hospice teams to provide comprehensive, tailored care plans. Additionally, we support families by offering meals and accommodation, allowing them to remain close to their loved ones. Guidance on available funding options is also provided to alleviate any financial concerns.

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Palliative Care Services Tailored to You

Our palliative care services at Humberston House are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident. With input from family members, our team develops personalised care plans focusing on comfort, dignity, and quality of life. We ensure thorough assessments and constant communication with healthcare professionals to adapt our care as needed. This personalised approach ensures every aspect of the resident’s physical, emotional, and social needs is addressed with the utmost care and sensitivity.

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Qualified Palliative Carers at Humberston House

The palliative care team at Humberston House comprises highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Each team member is extensively trained in palliative care techniques and best practices. Our carers work with external registered and district nurses to deliver exceptional care, prioritising the comfort and dignity of our residents. Their commitment to excellence ensures residents receive the highest standard of care, while families receive the support and reassurance they need during this challenging time.

Your peace of mind is our priority as we navigate this journey together. Get in touch today to receive the support you need during this time.

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"I just absolutely love my job, it’s the best feeling ever. I love dancing around and being silly and seeing our ladies and gents laugh and smile. They’re the ones that put a smile on my face and keep me going and that’s what life is about"

Callie Ross-Wells Activities Coordinator

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